Kauai - Dec. 13 to 22, 2007
Kauai Part One -

Live Movie - Video of sunrise on the beach at my hotel, then a drive up HWY 56 to try and hike to Napali Coast.

Kauai Part Two -

Live Movie - Video of surfing at Ha'ena Beach Park, small towns, and Kite surfing on a beach near my hotel.

Kauai Part Three -

Live Movie - Video of Waimea Canyon and our hike, and some video of the Spouting Horn Blow Hole, on the south side .

Kauai Part Four -

Live Movie - Video of my final day, I drove to a Lighthouse at the northeast coast wildlife park, then to an outdoor Hula show, and finally watched a beautiful Sunset.

Kauai Helicopter Ride-

Live Movie - Video of my helicopter tour over the entire island. Views of the Napali Coast.

Wedding Trip - Las Vegas & Arizona - May 18 to 25, 2011
Driving out to Las Vegas

Live Movie - Video of the snow in Flagstaff AZ. and some clips of Vegas golf and action on the strip.

Arizona - Grand Canyon & Petrified Forest

Live Movie - Video of Kaibab trail and some clips of me out on the rim of the Grand Canyon. Then on to the Petrified Forest to see the largest collection of petrified trees in the US.

Grand Canyon Day One -

Slide Show Movie - Photos of the changing light in the canyon. Shot from the south rim shortly after I arrived in the late afternoon until sunset.

Grand Canyon Day Two - Hike One

Slide Show Movie - Photos of my hike down into the canyon on the South Kabab Trail.

Grand Canyon Day Two - Hike Two

Slide Show Movie - Photos of my hike along the south rim trying to stay on the edge of the canyon cliffs.

Petrified Forest & Painted Desert -

Slide Show Movie - Photos of the Petrified Forest. My family and I visited there in 1955 while on a vacation to see my aunt in Flagstaff AZ. I wanted to relive the trip we took when I was only 8 years old.

Travel Videos & Slide Shows Movies

30 Day Road Trip - Sept. 28, to Oct. 25, 2011
Wedding in Wisconsin -

Live Movie - Video clips shot at my cousins daughter Teri's wedding, and reception. Very Italian three days of food and fun "It was great" !!!!

Live Movie - Two clips, one of Joanne from the wedding, and one of my sister 2 years before she died, to show how much I think the two look alike.
Driving Across Utah -

Live Movie - Video of some of the big thunder storms I just missed driving across Utah, and a drive through mountains of rocks rising up at 45 degree angles form the ground .

My week in San Francisco -

Live Movie - I spent a week in S. F. with Gregg & his wife. Gregg is a Texan, but moved to S. F. and works downtown so he showed me around town. His wife Gayle took me hiking in the hills around their home.

Yosemite National park -

Live Movie - Video of Yosemite Vally, and my hike to the top of Yosemite Falls.

Sequoia National Park, California-

No Video or Silde Show - Photos Only

Zion Canyon National Park , Utah -

No Video or Silde Show - Photos Only

Bryce Canyon Utah -

Live Movie - Video of my overnight backpacking hike into the backcountry of Bryce Canyon on the Under The Rim Trail.

- My Hippie Road Trips 1971 - (40 years ago)
Hippie Trip One -

Slide Show Movie - Photos of the 1st of two trips I took across the country in Spring of 1971 with my friend Neil Fitzpatric in his 1959 Chevy.

Hippie Trip Two -

Slide Show Movie - Photos of the 2nd cross country trip taken in the Fall of 1971. This time in my 1961 VW "Bug" with the seat backs replaced with plywood so we could fold them back and sleep in it.