This page is for my cousins Joanne & her brother Joe

My dad and Joe's dad both had a boy and a girl, Joe and I are the same age and look nothing alike, but his sister Joanne even though 7 years older, to me looks like she could be my sisters twin.

My sister died of cancer in March of 2009, at the young age of 60, and seeing Joanne at the wedding was a bit of a shock. To be honest it gave me goose bumps, because she looked so much like my sister. Maybe it was her mannerisms that reminded me of my sister, but even without that, her face, body type, the way she moved, and even the clothes and glasses she wore were the same styles my sister liked to wear.

Sitting at our table I noticed many expressions on Joanne's face were identical to those of my sister, and if you look closely at the two videos you can see just one of the mannerisms I'm talking about. Look at their hands, they both clasp them together, and move their thumbs. I don't know about Joanne but my sister did this all the time when she was sitting.

I'm thinking our dads mother, our grandmother, is what I'm seeing. I think her DNA is playing a big part in both of them, and that's why they both have the same appearance and mannerism even thought they never met.

Then again maybe I'm, just missing my sister and looking for anything that reminds me of her.

It might be hard to tell from these short clips, so what do you guys think?

Charlene with short hair 2007

charlene2 joanne2