Welcome to my Costa Rican Photo Page

I've created this page so the new friends I made on my trip, and my old friends here in Dallas and around the country can view, download, and print, my Costa Rica photos without having to guess what & where & when they were taken.

The photos are arranged on pages with the group name, and date the photos were taken at the top. I have also put a brief description at the bottom of each full size photo to help you identify the picture. I know everyone has lots of great photos, but maybe I caught a few shots you might have missed.

You may view, download, print, pass the link along to your friends, but please remember I make my living with my photographs and art work, all these photographs are copyrighted, so all I ask is that you do not use them for any commercial purposes without my written consent.

Hope you enjoy the photos, and if you have any questions or comments, just E-mail me Charles Nigrelli at designit4u@onebox.com

Just a word of caution, the photos are down sampled to 1/13 their original size, but to let you see the detail I kept the web versions relatively large, so unless you have lots of time to wait for a picture to load, a high speed DSL or Cable internet connection is the best way to view these pages.

*To see the entire picture without having to scroll in your browser, check your browser most have an option to let you view the image full size by holding the right mouse button, but if that will not work, I suggest downloading the image file and using your own picture viewing software*


I have sorted all the photos into the groups listed below. Just select a group and you will be taken to a page containing thumbnails of that group. Hit HOME to return to this index.
Aerial Tram
Amapola Resort
Arenal Volcano
Children's Eternal Forest
Election Day
Hotel Barcelo San Jose
Iguanas & Lizards
Jaco Beach Sunset
Jaco Beach Beauties
Manuel Antonio Beach
Me With Frinds I Made
Metal Church
National Museum
Poas Volcano
Our Bus & Other Things
Suspension Bridge
Tortuguero Day 1
Tortuguero Day 2
Tortuguero the plane